Cloning and binding MED17, EDC17, ME17 ECUs for Audi, Skoda, VW, Porsche

We are prepare your dumps MED17 - EDC17 - ME17 for cloning to donor ECU.
Read the FLASH and EEPROM from the original and donor ECUs and send the source data to us to prepare a working dumps for donor MEDC17, ME17.

Data from the original ECU:

Data from the donor ECU:

Restoration of operability, copying to donor with recalculate the OTP MED17 - EDC17 if it is impossible to hardware restore them.

Cloning involves complete cloning with the transfer of the old firmware and recalculation of OTP, where at the output you get a two files to write to the donor block.

If you are swap the engine, the new ecu must be synched to the immobilizer, for this you can use the Immo transfer only service, with combination with change firmware power class.

We work with engine control units MED17 и EDC17 и ME17:

ME17.5.26, EDC17, MED17.5, MED17.5.2, MED17.5.5, MED17.5.21, MED17.5.25, MED17.5.20, MED17.5.24, MED17.5.26, MED17.1.6, MED17.1.21, EDC17CP14, EDC17CP20, EDC17C54, EDC17CP04, EDC17CP44, EDC17C46, EDC17C64, EDC17C74, EDC17CP54, EDC17C10, EDC17C70, MED17.1, MED17.1.1, MED17.5.1, MED17.5.6, EDC17U01, EDC17U05,EDC17CP20, EDC17CP24, MED17.7.1, MED17.7.2, MED17.7.3, MED17.7.5