Remote on-line restore and repair BCM2 Audi, Touareg units.

We are repair BCM2 errors:

  • 02811 - Control Module for Electronic Steering Column Lock (J764)
  • 00003 - Control Module error - 014 - Defective
  • 16349 - Control Module error - 014 - Defective
  • 16366 - Control Module - Internal Malfunction; CPU 2 - 014 - Defective
  • Ignition lock defective - Dashboard warning

Restore BCM2 units that died during the update process via VCP and other flashers.

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We offer for repair BCM2 control unit.
BCM2 repair for Audi and Touareg NF cars. BCM2 control unit repair

BCM2 units 8K0907064 - 8K0 907 064, 4H0907064 - 4H0 907 064 - breaks and are locked in case of crash accidents, problems with the steering lock ELV (error 02811), when trying to add keys using Chinese programmers. BCM2 includes the immobilizer components, if unit fails ignition is locked. We offer recovery of most BCM2 units both remotely and in our workshop.


Before use our on-line service are you need for prepare BCM2 dump by automotive programmer like XPROG, UPA, IPROG, ORANGE5, VVDI PROG and so on.

BCM2 units devides for two versions, one with external 95320 and second internal NEC data flash eeprom. Remember that BCM2 units that produced until 2014 year, with unlocked NEC - can reading by programmer. Next years from 2014 BCM2 can be locked for reading.

Determine what action to BCM2 fail, it may be in an accident, for no any reason, or in the process of updating or adapting the unit by ODIS or VCP.

After using our service, you will receive files to write to BCM2. After recording, you must delete all errors and everything will work. If errors continue to be recorded in the BCM2 after, you must check the wiring and ELV elements of the car and the serviceability of the BCM2 block itself. If necessary, replace the BCM2 unit with a used one and write the files received from us again.


Pay attention for BCM2 errors 00003, 16349, 16366, this errors we can remove only if hardware of BCM2 isn't broken, otherwise, you need to replace the BCM2 with a used one. If these errors appeared during the update VCP, ODIS or there was a software failure we can repair it without BCM2 replace. If we get the same errors after fix dumps, you need to replace the BCM2 with a used one and write our data to it. When searching for a replacement, the BCM2 must have same part number (digit and letters) as broken BCM2 either the unit must have a similar hardware and processor, Or you will need to do a immo data transfer between BCM2 units.


Support for locked BCM2:
2013-2019 - A4L, A5, Q5 - BCM2 SW: 0510, 0521, 0551, 0560, 0572, 0582, 0633, 0641, 0650, 0711 2013-2019 - A6L, A7, A8 - BCM2 SW: 0824, 0825, 0827